Joyfully Helping God Heal Broken Lives

What do we mean when we say “Joyfully Helping God Heal Broken Lives?”

At WHUMC we are “Joyfully Helping God Heal Broken Lives.” We do so in many different ways, so this phrase means different things to different people. However, we’ve found that most of the things that we’re passionate about can be summarized in these six words. Let’s break it down:

“Joyfully…” We have a passion for serving Christ. Serving Him isn’t something that we “have to do” in order to please Him. Rather, it’s something we “get to do.” We get excited about opportunities to show God’s love to others. Because it’s easier to be joyful when we’re doing what God has called us to do, we actively help each other find the opportunities that fit best with our skills and personalities.

“…Helping God…” It’s not about us. God is in charge. The power to change the world is His alone, and we get to help. Just as we help each other discover how we fit within His plan, we likewise work to discover His plan for WHUMC. As we do so, we try to remember that it’s not about building the biggest or the best church – it’s about staying true to His plan for us.

“…Heal Broken Lives…” First, we believe God has called us to show His love to people in need. As you’ll see throughout the website, we are passionate about helping others in our area, in our nation, and out in the world. Secondly, we realize that none of us is perfect. We can’t succeed in our lives without His help and without His healing. Therefore, we’re also passionate about helping God heal each of us, whether it be through one-on-one encouragement or by participating in supportive small groups of friends.


As you browse the rest of this website you will see many of the different ways that we’re Joyfully Helping God Heal Broken Lives. If you want to know more, please email, call, or visit. We’d be happy (joyful, even) to talk to you.