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ZOE is a three-year program that empowers orphans and vulnerable children around the world to overcome poverty and become fully self-reliant. Active in Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Liberia, Guatemala and India, ZOE has nearly 28,000 children currently enrolled.  ZOE’s unique approach to empowerment is:

  • Locally-based
    ZOE employs all indigenous staff to implement the program in each country. Children work with supportive staff that speak their language, understand their culture, and know their community.
  • Comprehensive
    ZOE seeks to address all the issues that hold children in poverty, often simultaneously. First, children are also connected to one another in supportive working groups with 60-80 members. Then, through training in business and financial management, agriculture, disease prevention, child rights, and other essential life skills, ZOE ensures that these children have a strong foundation on which to build their new life. ZOE also shares the good news of God’s love, and connects children with their local church to allow them to grow in their faith. Finally, ZOE provides orphans with micro-grants as well as other resources such as seeds and tools, enabling them to start small businesses that grow and thrive.
  • Child-led
    Through ZOE, children take the lead in their own journey out of poverty. First, ZOE helps children articulate their dream for a better life. Then, ZOE empowers them to set and achieve the goals that will make their dreams come true. Children make their own decisions and then ZOE, the staff, the community, and their adult mentor, support them in building a better life.

You can learn more about ZOE by visiting

Here is the latest update about the specific work group that WHUMC supports:  WHUMC Work Group Report.

How you can help:

  • Tax-deductible gifts designated to ZOE. Checks should be made out to WHUMC with ZOE in the memo.
  • Participate in WHUMC’s Care Card program (gift card purchases). Proceeds from this program go to ZOE ministry.
  • Purchase candy bars in the Welcome Area at WHUMC. Proceeds from these sales go to ZOE.
  • Participate in the Gifts that Grow program at Christmas-time. Through this program, you can donate money for purchasing animals, seeds, hoes, Bibles, cooking pots, mosquito nets, and to provide vocational training and small business materials.   Money is collected in envelopes designed by WHUMC children to be brought to the Nativity scene during worship services.
  • In August of 2012, members of WHUMC and other churches joined for a mission trip to Zimbabwe and witnessed the beneficial, life changing effects of the ZOE Giving Hope Empowerment program. We hope to be able to offer this opportunity again, so you can either go on the trip yourself or support someone to go.
  • Pray for the children and the ZOE staff in Africa and the US.