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On Sunday, July 2, we will welcome our new pastor, Rev. Scott T. Walsh and his wife Janice to Willoughby Hills UMC. Rev. Scott has been serving in ministry in the United Methodist church since 1983, first in music ministry and then as a full elder. His ministry gifts include preaching, visioning, strategist, leadership, and encourager.

Words from Rev. Scott about Theological and Ministerial Perspectives:

I am a Bible-based preacher whose focus is on HOW to live as redeemed people. I love the Lord, I love the people of His Church, and I am driven to make disciples of Jesus Christ. One of my primary tasks as an ordained minister is to so model the Christian life that God would be glorified and use my witness to be a means of grace for those unsaved who are watching as well as those with whom I am running the race. My task as an ordained elder of Christ’s Church in the United Methodist denomination is twofold: 1) to summon people to experience the justifying and sanctifying grace of God, and 2) to encourage people to grow in the knowledge and love of God and “spread Scriptural holiness over this land.” This task is accomplished as I continue to interpret the truth of the Gospel, express the Wesleyan tradition and heritage, examine my experience (both individual and corporately), seeking biblical and traditional affirmation, and practice expressing my faith and witness to the transforming power of Jesus Christ. My belief in God compels me to fulfill my life’s purpose of connecting others to God and to His Church.